Fitness Friday – Never Giving Up


I have been making attempts at fitness since I had my first child. Before that like in high school I was fit because I was active. I was a lifeguard and swimmer, I rode my bike a lot, walked a lot and played softball. When I went to university my physical activities slowly dropped off, and I gained weight. It was gradual and in the grand scheme of things it just did not matter to me at the time.

After  I got married I weighed the most ever. We got home from our honeymoon and I cried. I had tipped the scale over 200 lbs. That was a breaking point for me and I went on a strict diet, lost 40 lbs and was so excited. Then we moved, I did not find work that I wanted right away, I was an introvert trying to make friends in a strange city, and stressed. I gained most of the weight back.

While I was pregnant I ballooned. Not only weight but I was swollen and sick. It was awful and crushed my self esteem. After she was born I was determined, I would be a good role model for this teeny tiny little girl. I just didn’t know how to start, we still lived the student lifestyle as my husband was still a student and I was lost. But I took baby steps and lost a bit of the weight.

We moved to California and I had a miscarriage. I was devastated. My lifestyle was not healthy, I was depressed and had no friends. I cried to a doctor saying I wanted to get pregnant so badly, her response “If you mean it, change your lifestyle” I was like whoa, don’t hold anything back (bitch). However, she was right and telling it to me straight. So I starting walking every morning before my husband went to work. I made major life changes. Yet there was so much more to do. I did get pregnant again and I gained again (in part because I was afraid to have another miscarriage, part stress, part slipping back into bad habits).

We moved and moved again. I lost the pregnancy weight and was still very unhappy with how I looked. My body was not what had once been. I started walking again.

I walked and walked and walked. It felt great. I was relieving stress and feeling good about myself. Then down hills I would pick up my feet. I started to run, just downhill mind you. But I was running. And it felt good while I was running. It felt so amazing. I was free! I was making my body do things I never imagined.

Then I would get home and my bones and muscles would scream in agony. Being not active, had really affected my bone density and my muscles. But I kept at it. I started to run (granted I should have started out much slower, Couch to 5km has a great program for beginners). The fact that I could do it was such a high for me. I would come home, lie in bed in tears my body would hurt so badly. Did I mention I was running in hiking shoes? Yeah I did not even have a pair of running shoes. My husband would massage my legs and quite honestly he was my biggest supporter. I got a pair of running shoes and kept at it.

At that time I started swimming lanes again. I was not in good enough condition to run everyday but needed something daily. I lost more weight but never got down to what was healthy for me.

We bought a house, I got pregnant, again. We moved. And instead of buying a new couch we bought a treadmill.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Fast forward three years.

I am still running. I ran in my first charity road race last October (that was AMAZING).

Some times I do not feel like a “real” runner because I run indoors. I have three kids I run they watch educational videos. It works for me. I am making it happen.

I have hit plateau after plateau. I have lost weight then stalled so many times.

At this time, I run 5km everyday on my treadmill. Afterward (or before) I do some simple weight exercises to build more muscle though I am always feeling rushed during this. I have run 10 km a few times but time is always crunched for me.

The changes I need to focus on now are cleaner eating. We are making progress. It so helps that for the last six months my husband is actively being fit and eating well too. He has been so supportive and he has lost 40 lbs!

Time is a big factor for me right now. Three kids, a husband, house and yard makes it tough to do all that I want to do.

I have been on this journey for 8 years. I have come so far and I am so proud of myself. I am in the best physical condition, fitness wise I have ever been in my life and I am about 25 lbs away from being in the healthy range for my BMI. I am so excited to be this close to my goal. I hope to share more details but I wanted to lay it all out like this, sometimes it is easy to only see now and not see how far I have come.

I came across this video today, and it inspired this post. This man made an incredible journey and is so very inspiring. Please take 5 minutes, witness what may come to be, if YOU never give up. Happy Friday.


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  1. A few years ago I lost over 60 lbs..I have gained all of it back plus 20. I am trying to get myself motivated again. I want to run and be free just like you 🙂