Yoga continued



Wow another week has gone by. I was frustrated that I had a cold part of last week, so I was unable to workout everyday. I have to be more dedicated to taking vitamins. A friend of mine was kindly reminding me that I am an athlete and need to replenish and feed my body. At first I was like, “pfft I am not an athlete” yet the more I let that statement sink in the more I realized I need to allow myself to be an athlete. I workout daily. I run 5km regularly. I swim 1500 metres in the pool regularly. I have been doing yoga daily. I am an athlete. ((wow!!!))

I have another week of homework from the Yoga Journal’s 21 day challenge.

Which “yoga break” did you prefer—the breathing exercise or the physical exercise—and why?
I still need to work on my breathing, it helps with the running and swimming so much. I really noticed this week at the pool!
How did you feel before you took your break?
Some days I was really tense. Being sick, managing the household not fun.
How did you feel after your break?
I always feel phenomenal after breathing. And yoga so centres me.
Can you see the value in taking time each day to relax and reset your body and mind?

oh yes yes yes. I am a go go go go go go person. With three kids I am constantly moving, doing, cooking, cleaning. reading … stopping. relaxing. reflecting. very good for me.


The Yoga Journal has a 7 day detox I am tempted to try. Have you ever done a cleanse? Good, bad, ugly?


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