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Fitness Friday – On Saturday



I was totally planning on writing this yesterday, best intentions blah blah blah. So then I was all, well I guess I have to wait till next Friday … wait? Why? It is my blog and if I want to write a fitness post on Saturday, well rebel me is going to!

Since the beginning of the year I have been kicking butt following a Program called the, 60 Day Body Transformation Challenge. I found it in the Fall, on the Parents Canada site. Parents Canada is like a group buy site, they advertise all sorts of things at relatively good prices and the first time you use it, you save $5! So the 60 Day Body Transformation Challenge, actually cost me $5. I have to say it has been the best fitness investment I have made, ever. By way, I am so totally not affiliated with either website or company, nor have they given me anything for free, ever.  This is all me saying, damn this program is AWESOME.

I started with the initial 30 day primer. It was HARD. However everyday I stuck with it. You know what I didn’t do? Eat good. I kept eating like I didn’t care about the effect of certain foods on my body (secretly I did and it bummed me out that I was not getting the results that I craved).

Low and behold by the end of 30 days I was doing push ups, squats and lunges!! It was awesome. So Christmas. Yup I celebrated like really really well. So back to fitness … new year new me. I have come so far, I was ready to push myself further. I started the 60 Day Body Transformation Challenge and started to see results. I have cute cut arms, and my thighs are even more defined. I feel incredible! SO much energy, and yes I am still running like 3-4 times a week. Who knew adding muscles would be so awesome (oh yeah all those fit people!)?

This all sounds wicked awesome eh? Well guess what? That first month I did not put as much effort into my food as I did my fitness. I was getting results. I lost 10 lbs (that I had gained back during Christmas ARG!) however they were not results I wanted.

We have made some changes in our lifestyle, shifting away from conventional foods and meals and moving more towards healthy eating for awhile, yet I knew if I really really wanted to make the changes I craved I would have to step it up. A few months ago, I spotted a tweet from George Stroumboulopoulos, about doing the Whole30 challenge. I being curious and perhaps having a small totally non-stalker crush on the famous Canadian, googled it.

I am on like, day 13 of the Whole30 challenge, and so far it has been AWESOME. I totally suggest you go read about it yourself because I cannot give it full justice here. I would have liked to tell you I have already lost weight but part of the challenge is no scale, no measurements for the 30 days. Me being numbers girl, that was harsh. However the whole idea is it is not about losing weight (although I so have and dropped a size since Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!) it is about resetting your body and dropping out foods that perhaps are not so good for you.

No processed food. No sugar (not even natural stuff like honey). No beans (weeps). No grains (eh whatever). No booze (I visit my wine bottles and repeat the mantra .. it is only 30 days).

So what am I eating?

Well it all starts with meat (being not so much of a carnivore I was like ugh but it hasn’t been all that bad it is not loads but it has to be there) then a whole LOT of vegetables (my favourite part!). Not a lot of fruit but it is not a no, just a not so much.

I had a few days in the beginning that although I felt ok, I hated people. They irritated me beyond belief and I so wanted to find a lone cabin in the woods and never see another person, ever. That faded and I became more like myself and people were, well bearable again.

I have been able to stick with the challenge and I look forward to seeing more results from all the effort. It is the first time since I have tried to get into shape that I have balanced my fitness & food, it is working.


Have you ever completed a fitness or food challenge? How did it go? If you haven’t would you consider it?