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Fitness Friday – Never Giving Up


I have been making attempts at fitness since I had my first child. Before that like in high school I was fit because I was active. I was a lifeguard and swimmer, I rode my bike a lot, walked a lot and played softball. When I went to university my physical activities slowly dropped off, and I gained weight. It was gradual and in the grand scheme of things it just did not matter to me at the time.

After  I got married I weighed the most ever. We got home from our honeymoon and I cried. I had tipped the scale over 200 lbs. That was a breaking point for me and I went on a strict diet, lost 40 lbs and was so excited. Then we moved, I did not find work that I wanted right away, I was an introvert trying to make friends in a strange city, and stressed. I gained most of the weight back.

While I was pregnant I ballooned. Not only weight but I was swollen and sick. It was awful and crushed my self esteem. After she was born I was determined, I would be a good role model for this teeny tiny little girl. I just didn’t know how to start, we still lived the student lifestyle as my husband was still a student and I was lost. But I took baby steps and lost a bit of the weight.

We moved to California and I had a miscarriage. I was devastated. My lifestyle was not healthy, I was depressed and had no friends. I cried to a doctor saying I wanted to get pregnant so badly, her response “If you mean it, change your lifestyle” I was like whoa, don’t hold anything back (bitch). However, she was right and telling it to me straight. So I starting walking every morning before my husband went to work. I made major life changes. Yet there was so much more to do. I did get pregnant again and I gained again (in part because I was afraid to have another miscarriage, part stress, part slipping back into bad habits).

We moved and moved again. I lost the pregnancy weight and was still very unhappy with how I looked. My body was not what had once been. I started walking again.

I walked and walked and walked. It felt great. I was relieving stress and feeling good about myself. Then down hills I would pick up my feet. I started to run, just downhill mind you. But I was running. And it felt good while I was running. It felt so amazing. I was free! I was making my body do things I never imagined.

Then I would get home and my bones and muscles would scream in agony. Being not active, had really affected my bone density and my muscles. But I kept at it. I started to run (granted I should have started out much slower, Couch to 5km has a great program for beginners). The fact that I could do it was such a high for me. I would come home, lie in bed in tears my body would hurt so badly. Did I mention I was running in hiking shoes? Yeah I did not even have a pair of running shoes. My husband would massage my legs and quite honestly he was my biggest supporter. I got a pair of running shoes and kept at it.

At that time I started swimming lanes again. I was not in good enough condition to run everyday but needed something daily. I lost more weight but never got down to what was healthy for me.

We bought a house, I got pregnant, again. We moved. And instead of buying a new couch we bought a treadmill.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Fast forward three years.

I am still running. I ran in my first charity road race last October (that was AMAZING).

Some times I do not feel like a “real” runner because I run indoors. I have three kids I run they watch educational videos. It works for me. I am making it happen.

I have hit plateau after plateau. I have lost weight then stalled so many times.

At this time, I run 5km everyday on my treadmill. Afterward (or before) I do some simple weight exercises to build more muscle though I am always feeling rushed during this. I have run 10 km a few times but time is always crunched for me.

The changes I need to focus on now are cleaner eating. We are making progress. It so helps that for the last six months my husband is actively being fit and eating well too. He has been so supportive and he has lost 40 lbs!

Time is a big factor for me right now. Three kids, a husband, house and yard makes it tough to do all that I want to do.

I have been on this journey for 8 years. I have come so far and I am so proud of myself. I am in the best physical condition, fitness wise I have ever been in my life and I am about 25 lbs away from being in the healthy range for my BMI. I am so excited to be this close to my goal. I hope to share more details but I wanted to lay it all out like this, sometimes it is easy to only see now and not see how far I have come.

I came across this video today, and it inspired this post. This man made an incredible journey and is so very inspiring. Please take 5 minutes, witness what may come to be, if YOU never give up. Happy Friday.


Some where that I used to blog


So I have been thinking about blogging a lot the past few weeks. It used to be a place where I found such peace, amazing friends from all over the world and sharing was such a creative, wonderful outlet for me. It seems as though as soon as I had three children, time to write was nonexistent. However it wasn’t just the extreme busyness of parenting that has kept me from writing.

For a while I felt there was little left to share. I am not the insecure new parent I was when I started blogging 8 years ago. By no means do I feel that I am a parenting expert, yet I have found my groove, I have matured into a confident Mother.

I also spend time doing new to me things, rather than what I used to do. Though I adore knitting, crafting and all that I just rarely sit long enough to do it anymore. Granted now that soccer season has started I did start a new knitting project.

What am I doing now?

Well I run daily, something 8 years ago I would have NEVER contemplated. I was in the camp that if there was a bear, I would run if not .. why? Silly girl. Now I have to run. it is not an option, I have to make time, it is like a drug. I am fully addicted, my brain needs to feel that balance that I get from running.

We are attempting to eat more “clean” though that is a learning curve.

I am very busy being a Mom. Running errands, getting the kids to their activities. Participating. Being Active. Not on the sidelines writing about it.

Yet I feel a pull to write again. To share again. To feed my creative soul that has been suffering a little with all this other stuff. It is hard to fit it all in. Sometimes I have to chose between running and cleaning the house. Or chose to read versus taking the children on an outing. Life is about choices and how we live it.

I want to live each day to the fullest and perhaps if I share how I do that it will help me to continue to keep at it and if I am lucky inspire others to do it too.

So here I am some where I used to blog, starting fresh, I hope you can come along for the run *smiles*

this is the song that inspired the blog title …
oh and today it is 8 years since I became a mom … amazing … and we are throwing B a Harry Potter Birthday Party! I will be sure to share it with you over the weekend 🙂

I just Ran my First 5km Race!!!


Race day!!

It was amazing. It was very wet. It was so exciting. And so much fun.

The Start of the Race

I never thought I would be a runner. I never dreamed that I would participate in a race. I feel so empowered, strong and proud of myself for achieving this goal. I could not have done it without J’s love & support … letting me escape and go for runs, watching the kids while I stretched, hearing me whine about the pain. The kids were awesome and so excited that their Mommy was running in the race.

#RunForTheCure. Post race with the kids!

It was such a surreal feeling being lined up to run with so many people. Being the CIBC Run for the Cure charity race there were all sorts of people some runners, some walkers and everything in between. I am happy with my choice to do this type of race first. Not only an amazing cause, but it was a tad less intimidating for me.

Race day!!

The rain only poured for the first half of the race. I kept my pace though the start was slow with the mass of people starting. There were puddles to avoid, dogs, strollers, and people everywhere. So different than my treadmill runs, or my experience on the track.

Race day!!!!

It was so exhilarating to finish! I almost started to cry but there were so many people my vanity stopped me before I burst into tears. The kids and J were there and we celebrated as the rain started to come down stronger. My legs are tight and sore form not doing my yoga stretches right after (how do racers do that? I did not see anyone stretching post race! Mind you it was raining).

After just crossing the finish line

I think running in races is kind of like getting a tattoo. Once you have had the courage to take that step and do your first one, you can hardly wait to run another. So as winter approaches I am going to jump back on my treadmill, and start swimming laps at the pool on gym days. Perhaps in the spring I will have the courage to run in another race.

Race day!

Thank you again for all the support. The donations, the messages on here, facebook, twitter … It all makes a difference! You guys rock! I was able to reach my fundraising goal & over double it!! Amazing … Thank you!

Fitness Friday – Making it a family thing


This is how my life is, an entire week goes without me being fully aware that time is passing. As a family of five, we are enjoying the time together that it seems to disappear without a lot of recognition.

This week for Fitness Friday I want to focus on Family. A lot of people wonder how I run, workout with two small kids at home still. It takes a lot of work. Just being honest with you, it isn’t easy. However it is worth it.

As a family we have joined a fitness centre that recently opened in our area. It has a fantastic pool, an indoor track (YAY!) and three full size gyms, plus yoga, fitness classes and a weight/cardio area. The centre is simply awesome. Our children are a little young to use all the aspects, however they love the pool and last Saturday they enjoyed walking/running on the track while I ran (with their Dad and it was family time so they were permitted).

Since joining, I have started taking C, to the child centre while I run the track twice a week. I needed to get off the treadmill and be more prepared for the CIBC Run for the Cure next Sunday (ahh!!! Next Sunday!) At first C was so not keen to be left but she is getting used to the idea. The fact that I take her for a quick swim afterward definitely helps.

Fitness for me isn’t just about me. I want my entire family to participate, something that so was not on our radar in the past. Once I got motivated and started running, everyone else had their interest peaked too. Even my husband has gone to the gym a few nights each week to walk/run and workout.

When I work out at home, I use the television. In part because I worry that C will get hurt coming too close to the treadmill and then I know where they are. However the deal is, it has to be something educational, for the preschooler and toddler that means letter & word programs. These strategies have been developed over time and I am always prepared to be interrupted or stop altogether if the kids are off that day. When I do yoga or sit ups etc I am used to having a cat or a kid climbing on me, rubbing me or lying down with me proclaiming how “easy” push ups are (they always cheat!)

How do you make time to work out? What challenges have you overcome to reach your fitness goals?

By the way … THANK YOU so much for helping me reach my fundraising goal for the CIBC Run for Cure. There is still time to donate (did I mention you receive a tax recite?) and if you are in the area you are welcome to come out Sunday October 2nd to cheer me on!

Fitness Friday – Believing in ourselves


On my previous blog, I had started, stopped and started again a weekly focus on fitness. Once again I am going to attempt to have a Fitness Friday.

I am really excited to share something with you all. I have been running for 3 years now. I started just after Ethan turned one. It started off really slow. I would go out for a walk in the evening, post-supper time. We were living in the apartment then and I was going mad in the small space, my emotions were all over the place and I was adjusting to our new life. I needed something to strive for, something that was mine, something that took the edge off. What started off as walking, slowly, painfully became running. The path to running was not an easy one for me. It hurt. A lot. I was so out of shape. Gradually it got easier, I shed some pounds and was off. Then we started house shopping, then we bought a house, then I got pregnant .. hehe again.

I did not keep up with fitness as I hoped I would that last pregnancy. I did walk a little, as we purchased a treadmill that winter we moved into the house. However it wasn’t until the baby was born and time passed that I started again. This time running wasn’t as painful. I was not, nor do I ever strive to be the ultimate running machine.

I run because I love it. I feel empowered, like if I can run 5 km, 10 km I can do ANYTHING…it evens me out, I feel happier (Although sore at times) and stronger.

Since I started running again it has been the back of my mind that I want to run a race. I am inherently shy (those who know me refuse to believe this, I fake it well. However I get insanely nervous experiencing new things, and people. In fact it usually takes a big push from my husband or for the love of my children for me to take that initial step) and it took a lot for me to take that next step.

I signed up for the CIBC Run for the Cure, October 2nd. It is a 5km race. I am so excited, nervous and have started to train running outdoors, rather than only on my treadmill. To add to the pressure, I also need to raise money for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. My goal is $150 … While fund-raising is not my strongest suit, I do hope that I will be able to achieve this goal.

Until October 2, I will continue to share my light training and will be asking all of you to consider donating to this worthy cause. I believe in the strength and power a woman has when she has a goal to achieve, we just have to believe in ourselves.

If you are compelled to help me achieve my goal and donate to a worthy cause, please check out my personal run page at the CIBC Run for a Cure website! That is where YOU can sponsor me. Please 🙂 Thank you for your consideration.