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Moo-over Milk – Why our family switched to Almond Milk


I have considered this transition away from cow’s milk for years. Well pretty much since R was a year old and started drinking cow’s milk in addition to breast milk. J is lactose intolerant so cannot drink milk at all. I however, was a milk-aholic. Seriously I loved milk. A tall glass of skim milk. Geez it still makes my mouth water. However, a few years ago when looking at what I was consuming, I gave up the delicious milk to save on calories each day.

Time passed. More wise than I parents, were realizing that cow’s milk just wasn’t what they were telling us it was. So why is it we believe that we must drink cow’s milk or we will not escape the wrath of osteoporosis, broken bones & gosh we will not look incredible like all those milk ads. My kids need milk … right? RIGHT?

Wrong, maybe.

If one googles err searches on Google (did you know Google does not wish to be a verb? Yet has been added to the dictionary as such anyway? Yeah me neither that is a random fact from J) “Is milk good for you?” one will get a whole range of experts claiming, gosh darn it, milk is good for you, drink it. Yet if one searches “Is milk bad for you?” one then gets a whole whack of experts claiming, holy smokes milk is so so not good for you, stay away from ALL dairy.


What is a parent to do?

We have three, calcium thirsty growing munchkins that we love so we must make the very best possible decision, ever.

I have been on the milk fence for a while as I previously mentioned. My ultra practical, budget minded husband has had his wallet firmly planted on the “milk is way cheaper than the alternative and they have yet to break any bones, besides too much soy isn’t good either” side of the fence. Then one fateful morning at our Mom’s group, I mentioned how yes I would like to switch but to give copious amount of soy to the kids wouldn’t work and egads it is expensive. That is when one gorgeous mom pointed out that Costco (insert harp sounds here) has Almond milk by the case and if one buts down the amount consumed it is quite a reasonable option.


Here it was the solution to my dilemma, now to convince the ever logical husband that we should do this. I was surprised that I was up against little resistance. It was time to switch and would not cost us more (whereas in fact because we reduced the amount given each day it is cheaper & perfect for camping). Besides if husband craves a bowl of cereal there is now an option for him. So the kids used to drink 3 glasses of cows milk a day (excessive) now instead they drink one glass of unsweetened Almond Milk at breakfast and water with every other meal (except on occasion they receive a juice).

Did you know almonds are not a nut? Yeah me neither. They are a fruit. Almond milk is said to have less fat and protein than cow’s milk so when substituting it for younger toddlers that is important to keep in mind. We have not swore off dairy (yet) completely and though were are very limited in the meat meals we are eating we are still carnivores so I worry not about the fats and proteins and have focused on the benefits instead.

In this modern world of an insane amount of information it is so difficult to always know what is best for our families. I have made peace with slowly making transitions, looking at not only one source and just doing the best we can. You will know what works for you and yours. I hope by me sharing our experience and choice you will be inspired to look at the choices you are making to ensure they are still working for your family.

I really liked the following video I stumbled across on Huffington Post, I hope you do too 🙂

Does your family drink cow’s milk? Have you made changes that go against convectional wisdom?