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My Boy is Six .. Seriously.


Today is E’s 6th birthday. I am in awe that it was that long ago that I gave birth to him in California. In some ways it feels like a second ago, in others it feels like a lifetime ago. Three or four moves later, here we are with an amazing 6 year old boy!

My six year old loves all things lego, super heros and of course Minecraft. This year he decided he wanted to have a Minecraft party (which was barely second to a Skylanders Party).

The kids had a fabulous time. I swooped them to our house after school on Friday and started the party with just open play. We did attempts  craft but seriously the kids really just wanted to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It was a great group of kids!

Happy Birthday Boy

The kids showing off their new Creeper T's


See more of E’s Party here http://www.flickr.com/photos/chelle/sets/72157633176045953/

Happy birthday my sweet, awesome, creative boy!


The girl’s 8th birthday


For the past few months the girl and I have been reading through the Harry Potter books. It seemed like the logical choice post Narnia. We very much enjoyed the magical aspects of Narina, besides Harry Potter is very very cool and current. We are currently on the sixth book, after each book we watch the movie together, comparing notes, snuggling and enjoying the time together. It is our special time.

When R & I started talking about birthday parties like forever ago, we both agreed that it totally had to be a Harry Potter birthday. So I have to say right now … the internet is evil. There is so much goodness out there, my mind spun with inspiration. I so did not reinvent the wheel for this party, but I took inspiration from many places.

The House Signs

In the beginning I decided that instead of loot bags, each guest would receive a Wizard/Witch robe that I would sew. I spoke to the girl, so that we could keep the guest list small in order to create these robes. However I totally underestimated the cost, even though I used inexpensive fabric, the metres totally added up fast. Still I really love that I made it happen though especially when the kids were all at the party , wearing the robes together it just made it that more magical.

The Wizards & Witches

The invitations were delivered by owl mail (of course!) R very much enjoyed running up to the mailbox, placing the invite in it ringing the doorbell and running off! The guests were very excited to receive owl mail (though one guest felt I *could* have trained owls in time to deliver the invites)

Owl Post

Owl Post close up


I was so not sure what to do, then I stumbled across the idea of having a similar cake to the cake Hagrid gave to Harry when they first met!

The Cake

I have a confession. The preparation for this party was so much fun. I enjoyed sewing all the robes, hand painting the Hogwarts Express & Honeydukes signs … all the little details. The icing on the cake … the kids noticed all the little details (except the floo powder). We did not have any organized games per say. We had a short potions class, then the house elves prepared hotdogs for dinner in the great hall (that looked a lot like the potions classroom). After dinner, the kids headed to the Gryffindor common room, to hang out, look at spell books and then test Every Flavor Beans, trying to guess the flavours. R opened her presents, we had cake then the kids headed outside to fly about on their brooms and used their imaginations to create story lines. It was magical to listen to them.

Hogwarts Express Sign

HoneyDukes Sign and variety of candy

MmmChocolate Frogs!

So remember how I said I did not reinvent the wheel here? The following are some of the amazing places I got inspiration for this Harry Potter birthday … I looked at so many places, I am so hoping I did not miss any links!









The Birthday Girl

Happy Eighth Birthday to my magical girl!

(be sure to check out our Flickr for more pictures)

The Boy is 4 … well almost


Tomorrow the boy turns four! I am in awe that it was in fact four years ago that we were in California getting prepared for this little guy to arrive. When it came time to prepare for his fourth birthday, he proclaimed that his friends must come!

This was his first, celebrate with friends party. Since he is a lego fanatic, it made sense to have a lego party! This was the most organized I have been for party planning. I actually allowed myself enough time in advance not to get stressed out. I fretted a little but overall was calm, well except when the morning of the party the Boy was ill and there was the fear that all would be cancelled. Thankfully he seemed to pull through and the party was great.

Ethan's 4th B-Day

No lego party would be complete without the Lego brick cake. Betty Crocker has awesome instructions with a video. Cake decorator I am not, though I tried my best and the kids enjoyed it.

Ethan's 4th B-Day

Ethan's 4th B-Day

The decor was simple yet great with Lego sheets printed off, balloons and little Lego men that are part of our collection. Most of the time the kids were outside or playing else where and hardly noticed the decor.

The Boy was trying to blow out his candles before we were done singing!! He did great!

The Lego brick pinata was a “hit”. We did it last. I made it from a paper bag, flour, water and paint. They always end up tougher than I want, but the bigger kids that tagged along helped bust it open! Rather than a free for all, elbow to the nose, candy spillage, I created 11 bags of candy with Lego stickers on it for each kid. No feeling the injustice of the world at this party (Well at least not with the candy).

Ethan's 4th B-Day

All in all .. awesome little party. One kid proclaimed “I want a party just like this!”, and I knew I had got the spirit of the party down.

The Boy had fun, felt special and enjoyed having his friends over (with a few siblings tagging along of course!) There are more pictures on Flickr though a little limited as his guests are typically not posted.