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phew. Survived the first few weeks of school. When people ask, “Wow so what are you doing with all that extra time now that two of your kids are in school?” I am at a loss how to respond. I am sure I have a look of utter bewilderment on my face. I do not have any “extra” time. In fact I am busier than ever. Granted it is by choice. I am helping at the school more, at the church more, trying to maintain my fitness levels, immersing myself in the child’s activities and lives as wella s cooking, cleaning, organizing ..

The summer was fantastic. I ran a lot. The kids and I were super active and I worked off an additional 5 lbs. Now that life is crazy busy, I am stuck again. Maintaining (Yay for that). I wanted a more relaxing of a exercise, something to recharge me during this transition time in my life. I presumed I would add yoga easily, so do yoga and run. I was wrong.

Yoga is HARD.

My upper body strength is not what I would like it to be. In part because I do not get swimming laps as often as I would like (I also do not lift weights though I had added a few simple exercises over the summer I have not continued with them lately) and well as a runner I have wicked good legs and butt. I saw the crow pose on Facebook over a month ago and the pose sparked my curious nature. I decided that I needed to be able to to that. Much like running it has become a tad bit of an obsession and the Yoga Journal 21 Challenge is perfect to get me into it.

The one day I was able to run after completing yoga in the morning drained me so completely I was a zombie by 9 pm and zonked out, unconscious for 10 hours. Some of the Yoga segments had me sweating like I had run 5 km! Other segments I was shaking, my muscles screaming as I maintained the poses. It was awesome!

Part of the Yoga Journal 21 Challenge is homework, so I was inspired to share it here.

What was your favorite part of practice this week?
– Challenging my body and holding poses longer and better each time.

What kinds of physical or mental challenges came up?
– I am not as bendy as I could be. So I really felt stiff and awkward at times. I really should have blocks and a strap.

Was there a tool that got you through the tough parts—either the teacher’s encouragement, your breath, or a practice partner?

– The reminders to breath were good for me. When it is a really tough pose i do have a tendency to hold my breath. Not good!

How did you feel after the practices physically?

– Sometimes I felt really sore, however the muscle tenderness did not linger like it does when I lift weights or run. That was amazing to me, the restorative poses and moves really worked wonders for me.

What was your state of mind after the practices?

-Wow! I felt full of energy. I tried to do the practices first thing in the morning (though that was not always possible) and it filled me with energy for the day. Even mid day it was a great boost!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s practice! I hope that this challenge will help me incorporate yoga into my daily fitness.

Have you ever committed to a fitness challenge? How did it go?