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The Lake Swimming Lessons


Living on the east coast has some mighty fine perks. We are a quick drive to the ocean and we have a ton of lakes to enjoy. There are even city lakes that have lifeguards in attendance all summer long. As a result through the city recreation program the kids are taking swimming lessons at a lake about a 10 minute drive from our house.

I seriously envisioned long, sweltering days, basking in the sunshine as the children frolicked in the water, built castles in the sand, tons of giggles and picnics.

Lake swimming days

What I forgot was that I live on the east coast of Canada. It has been a cool, rainy, dreary time at our swim lessons. Yet the kids are really enjoying it. The first day was gorgeous, sunny and warm. Since then not so much. The coolness factor does not even faze the oldest B … she just swims, runs and enjoys every single second. The little guy, E … not so much but he still gets in, tries his best and has fun. My kids are amazing. The youngest, C … she hangs out with me, digging in the sand, eating snacks or curled up in a towel to keep warm like her siblings.

Despite the weather, we have one more week of swimming lessons & we are loving it!