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Some where that I used to blog


So I have been thinking about blogging a lot the past few weeks. It used to be a place where I found such peace, amazing friends from all over the world and sharing was such a creative, wonderful outlet for me. It seems as though as soon as I had three children, time to write was nonexistent. However it wasn’t just the extreme busyness of parenting that has kept me from writing.

For a while I felt there was little left to share. I am not the insecure new parent I was when I started blogging 8 years ago. By no means do I feel that I am a parenting expert, yet I have found my groove, I have matured into a confident Mother.

I also spend time doing new to me things, rather than what I used to do. Though I adore knitting, crafting and all that I just rarely sit long enough to do it anymore. Granted now that soccer season has started I did start a new knitting project.

What am I doing now?

Well I run daily, something 8 years ago I would have NEVER contemplated. I was in the camp that if there was a bear, I would run if not .. why? Silly girl. Now I have to run. it is not an option, I have to make time, it is like a drug. I am fully addicted, my brain needs to feel that balance that I get from running.

We are attempting to eat more “clean” though that is a learning curve.

I am very busy being a Mom. Running errands, getting the kids to their activities. Participating. Being Active. Not on the sidelines writing about it.

Yet I feel a pull to write again. To share again. To feed my creative soul that has been suffering a little with all this other stuff. It is hard to fit it all in. Sometimes I have to chose between running and cleaning the house. Or chose to read versus taking the children on an outing. Life is about choices and how we live it.

I want to live each day to the fullest and perhaps if I share how I do that it will help me to continue to keep at it and if I am lucky inspire others to do it too.

So here I am some where I used to blog, starting fresh, I hope you can come along for the run *smiles*

this is the song that inspired the blog title …
oh and today it is 8 years since I became a mom … amazing … and we are throwing B a Harry Potter Birthday Party! I will be sure to share it with you over the weekend 🙂