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A Fresh Start


I started blogging in 2004. At the time I was excited to explore CSS, PHP, run my own site, design, code and have a personal creative outlet while I traveled with my husband. Now that we are a family of five, I find it a struggle to maintain that creative space. I was of the mentality if I cannot do it perfectly, I do not do it at all. However, I have been evolving over the past few months since I ceased to blog on my original site. That evolution I would like to share in writing. I want to continue to explore my creativity and share a part of our lives. I just cannot maintain an entire site.

Welcome to my fresh start at Creative Thoughts by Chelle.  I hope you enjoy the journey, the writing, the creativity as much as I do. I will still share pictures, stories and creativeness & of course geekery.

Here is the blurb from my last About Chelle … I think it encompasses my yesterdays well (though poor baby C isn’t mentioned!)

A journey through Motherhood and beyond. That was my very first tag line for my blog back in 2004. A lot has changed since I started blogging. We left the country, came back, got pregnant, lost a baby, had a sweet little boy and we have watched our sweet daughter grow. Life is never boring.

I am a Canadian. I married the man of my dreams, who has taken me to Ontario, California, New Mexico and presently to Atlantic Canada. The Maritimes is now our home and we love it. We have bought a house and are totally content to stay still for a little while :) I told him when we got married I would follow him to the ends of the Earth, little did I know he would take me seriously!

Our daughter is a smart, happy, quiet soul that loves good stories, looking at books for hours and hours, enjoys jumping, running and swimming. She has a passion that is unequivocal. She loves completely, hurts deeply. She rescues earth worms after a rain storm, appreciates nature and wants to understand magic. She amazes me everyday.

Our son is a ball of energy. He goes and goes, in fact sleep is of little concern to him (even at night! AHH!) He adores digging, rocks, can spot a stick under any conditions, loves water, mud, puppies and his sister. He is so completely is own little person and is growing up so much and so quickly it frightens me.

We have a cat with a really really long name. It is a literary reference to a series of books my daughter has memorized. He was an alley cat from Española and lives a happy quiet existence, always wary of our son’s constant attention.

We have been all about the adventure. Becca & I toured Southern California with a vengeance, soaking in the sun, sights and making lifelong, cherished friends. When Ethan came onto the scene we did not slow down and continued to enjoy the ride. Upon arriving in New Mexico, life got a little harder to enjoy. Have you ever lived on top of a mountain in the middle of no where? I am in awe of the wives that live up there, granted we had one car that my husband had to take to work, so I was stranded, but still. Now I am content to live a more peaceful existence. Enjoying preschool classes at the local rec centre, story time at the library and many play dates at the playground.

We have discovered and fallen in love with Nova Scotia. I have never been this far east in Canada. It is so beautiful. The people are amazing and the sense of community is unmatched. We found a cute home that matches us perfectly, a home that the kids can walk to school and we can be safe, surrounded by trees, peaceful.

I am a creative soul. When I am not creating something I am cranky. I started this blog as an outlet for my creativity. Taking breaks from swimming, playing with animals and imaginary play, I would stay connected to other moms, dads, individuals that rocked my world. I love to knit, dye yarn, stitch, sew, paint and doodle.

I hand coded this site after years of staring at PHP, CSS, studying WordPress tutorials and loads of late nights. I design my graphics, I code my sites, I change with the seasons or as I see fit. I have designed sites for others and really enjoy the process, however my children are first in my life right now, so I do not take on a lot of projects.

My Apple computer is one of my many muses. Who would have thought I would be a geek, spending countless hours on the computer. However, I find a balance with running, something I never thought I would be into. It calms my soul and gives me a confidence that I have never felt before. I really truly believe I can do anything I set my mind to now that I am a runner.

Who knew there was so much to say about me :D Thanks for stopping by the blog, if you have any questions, thoughts or want share something feel free to contact me through the contact form or leave a comment. It really is an amazing journey that I am on, Motherhood, womanhood, marriage and life … Thanks for coming on this path with me …